Migrants jailed of riot in Malta

Nineteen migrants were jailed on Monday after they admitted their involvement in the riots at Malta’s Safi detention center last October.

The Maltese Magistrates’ Court jailed 18 of them for a year, while one, a 17-year-old, was received a nine-month prison sentence.

Another migrant, who from the outset insisted he was innocent and had not participated in the riots, was cleared of the charges after the court found no evidence of his involvement.

The 19 migrants changed their plea to guilty when the case continued being heard in court on Monday.

They admitted to damaging state property, participating in an unlawful assembly, disobeying legitimate orders and breaching the peace.

The migrants, who were demanding freedom, damaged items inside the detention center, including bunk beds, television sets and closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.