Lebanon stops religious flights over COVID-19 concerns

The council of ministers of Lebanon announced on Tuesday that the country has stopped the religious flights over fears of the spread of coronavirus, MTV local TV channel reported.

“Only people who have the urgent need to travel to countries that have witnessed coronavirus cases will be allowed to go,” the cabinet said.

The cabinet said that it will not prevent Lebanon who are already outside the country from returning to their homeland.

Meanwhile, the Rafic Hariri Hospital said on Tuesday that it has received in the past 24 hours 32 people to be tested for COVID-19. Seven of them were isolated at the hospital. The others were asked to isolate themselves in their houses.

Lebanese Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced on Feb. 21 the detection of the first COVID-19 case. The case is now being treated in the Rafic Hariri Hospital.

The health ministry announced that it is isolating people arriving from areas with confirmed cases if they show symptoms of the virus while those who do not show symptoms are either isolated at the hospital or in their houses.