Spanish pilot dies in jet trainer crash

A Spanish air force pilot was killed Thursday when his jet trainer crashed into the sea close to the region of La Manga in southeast Spain.

The Air Force confirmed that the C-101 aircraft belongs to “Eagle Patrol” acrobatics squadron of the Spanish Air Academy, and that the pilot, Commander Eduardo Garvelana Crespo, lost his life in the accident, which happened “in the first hour of the afternoon.”

Although an investigation into the causes is underway, the Air Force tweeted that the crash happened “during a practice” session.

This is the third fatal crash in connection with the Spanish Air Academy in seven months.

A pilot died on Aug. 26, 2019 in an accident involving a C-101, which also crashed close to La Manga.

Another accident on Sept. 18, 2019 killed a flight instructor and a student when their plane crashed shortly after take-off from the San Javier airbase close to the city of Murcia.