Film tip: Footsteps in the Fog (1955)

A sinister aristocrat poisons his wife and his maid knows what he has done and uses this knowledge to her advantage. Will the fact that she knows too much put her in danger with her murderous boss?

Wednesday April 8, 8:00am – 9:45am, Sony Movies Classic

 “Footsteps in the Fog,’’ stars Stewart Granger and his wife in real life, Jean Simmons, in a highly suspenseful tale of murder, blackmail and intrigue.

It is the story of housemaid, Lily Watkins, and her master, Stephen Lowry. When she discovers how his wife died, she uses her knowledge to have herself installed as housekeeper.

Soon she is mistress of the mansion. But Lily’s knowledge comes in the way Stephen’s plans for marriage with the daughter of his business partner determines to kill her and one foggy night clubs her in the street. But it is another woman he has done in. Lily sharp-witted tussle with the prosecuting counsel gets Stephen acquitted of the murder charge, but with renewed determination Stephen resolves to get rid of Lily. In the end he is destroyed by his own intrigue.

The supporting cast includes Belinda Lee as Elizabeth, Honald Squire her father, Bill Travers the cheated lover and Finlay Currie the man from Scotland Yard.