TV Choice: The Sword of El Cid

The ruler of Catalonia is replaced by his evil twin brother but the rightful owner of the crown then attempts to reclaim the throne by forceful means.

Friday April 10, 6:35am – 8:00am on Sony Movies Classic

The Sword of El Cid” (Roland Carey and Danielki Bianchi). ‘lntrigue, love and revenge and woven into a surging tale of the days of chivalry in this exciting film of the times when men lived and died by the sword.

Counts Fernando Larnon and Diego Larrison are ordered to return the swords Tissona and Colada which El Cid gave them.

They also have to face three knights in combat and pay 3.000 gold marks. The clash of swords and the rough-and-tumble enliven the film, and a love twist evolves between Felix Munoz and Maria ‘Sol, a daughter of El Cid.