Famed Loch Ness Monster photo published on this day in 1934

A PHOTO of the so-called Loch Ness Monster taken by Robert Kenneth Wilson, a London gynecologist was published on this day in 1934.

Wilson’s refusal to have his name associated with it led to it being known as the “surgeon’s photograph”.

According to Wilson, he was looking at the loch when he saw the monster, grabbed his camera and snapped four photos. Only two exposures came out clearly; the first reportedly shows a small head and back, and the second shows a similar head in a diving position. The first photo became well known, and the second attracted little publicity because of its blurriness.

For 60 years the photo was considered evidence of the monster’s existence, although sceptics dismissed it as driftwood, an elephant, an otter or a bird. Since 1994, most agree that the photo was an elaborate hoax.