Syrian forces bring reinforcements to Daraa after 9 soldiers killed

Syrian forces brought in reinforcements to areas close to the western countryside of Daraa on Wednesday, just a couple of days after nine Syrian soldiers were killed in the area, a war monitor reported.

The “mass reinforcements” were seen near the Tal Khuder on the western outskirts of Daraa as well as the village of Yadodeh, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Britain-based watchdog said the Syrian forces are intending to attack the Mzairib area in the countryside of Daraa.

The new development comes after an attack against a police department in Mzairib on Monday when nine Syrian soldiers were killed.

The Syrian army is planning to capture the killer who is a former rebel commander, the Observatory said.

A total of 435 kidnapping and killing attempts have taken place in Daraa since June 2019, claiming the lives of 280 including 61 civilians and 152 Syrian soldiers and policemen, it added.

The Syrian army captured the border city Daraa from the rebel groups in 2018.

Securing Daraa, birthplace of the Syrian war that erupted in 2011, was a big victory for the Syrian army both symbolically and militarily, as the rebels have used the border to bring in arms and fighters throughout the war.