Germany eyes drones for regular delivery work

Germany sought to make unmanned drones and also passenger air taxis as a regular means of transport in the country, Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Andreas Scheuer announced on Wednesday.

“We want to bring drones, and in the future also air taxis safely into the air,” said Scheuer.

The maximum take-off mass for drones which do not require a license was reduced from two kilograms to 250 grams, according to the Transport Ministry.

Although drone traffic would be restricted or even forbidden in some areas, the ministry announced to develop a detection system in order to allow drones at Germany’s international airports.

Furthermore, a digital platform for unmanned aviation would be set up to enable data exchange among air traffic participants and to bundle all information on a central platform.

Scheuer stressed that drones would be able to supply areas that were otherwise difficult to reach and to quickly transport urgent goods such as pharmaceuticals by avoiding traffic jams.