EU reiterates rejection of Israel’s plan to annex occupied Palestinian lands

The European Union stressed its rejection for the Israeli plans that seek to annex more occupied Palestinian territories, the Arab League said in a statement on Thursday.

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul-Gheit has received a letter from European Union Minister for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, which voiced “the European Union’s rejection against annexation.”

The European Union’s top diplomat said “the bloc hasn’t recognized the Israeli sovereignty on the occupied West Bank,” adding the annexation is a dangerous violation for the international law.

The statement added that the pan-Arab body chief considers standing against the Israeli’s annexation moves as a priority for the Arab League work in the current stage.

Aboul-Gheit continues to mobilize the international support for the Palestinian cause, it added.

On Tuesday, Palestine declared the abolition of all agreements and understandings with Israel and the United States in protest against the Israeli plan to annex parts of the West Bank.

Israel plans to annex the Jordan Valley and some settlements in the West Bank in July, according to a coalition deal reached between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his competitor Benny Gantz.