Israeli researchers thwart severe internet breach

Israeli researchers have thwarted a technique that threatened to carry out a large-scale global cyber attack, Tel Aviv University (TAU) said on Wednesday.

According to TAU, the attack could have been “800 times more destructive” than the cyber attack that brought down parts of the internet on the U.S. east coast in 2016.

In a new study conducted by TAU and the Interdisciplinary Center, both located in central Israel, it was found that a weakness in the DNS (Domain Name System) could have brought about the attack.

The study provides new details of the technique that could have allowed a relatively small number of computers to carry out DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks on a massive scale.

As early as February, the researchers alerted many companies responsible for the internet’s infrastructure about their findings.

The researchers said those firms, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon, have all updated their software to address the problem.

“Our discovery has prevented major potential damage to web services used by millions of users worldwide,” the researchers concluded.