Namibia opens first-ever cricket coaches association

Namibia’s cricket governing body has launched the first-ever cricket coaches association, aimed at upskilling cricket coaches with the objective to set and maintain the standard in the country.

Cricket Namibia high-performance coordinator, Dee Thakur in a statement said the association will be responsible to oversee the coaching profession promote good practice, and develop quality cricket coaches in the country.

“The coaches association purpose is to inspire and champion coaching excellence, to advance the coaching profession and make a sustainable difference to individuals, organizations, and society,” Thakur added.

According to Thakur, the initiative includes schools, clubs, coaches, and parents, and is also open to all qualified coaches, the general public, and women.

“With this initiative, we would like to produce quality cricketers, increase participation of the game, and align coaching under the strategic vision of Cricket Namibia,” he concluded.