Regional Newspaper Review – 21st May

According to the Daily Star in Lebanon, the Facebook page “Apartments in Beirut for Renters and Rentees,” with 48,000 members, has been awash with heated debate over the past month, with posters angrily clashing over the ethics of rents rising in a time of economic crisis.

Egypt Today reports North Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shosha has said that new cleanness campaigns had been launched to remove garbage from the governorate’s streets in preparation for Eidul Fitr.

Shosha said 154 tons of garbage removed every day from the governorate’s villages and cities.

Turkey’s national flag carrier, Turkish Airlines (THY) announced late Wednesday it was extending the cancellation of its flights amid the coronavirus pandemic, reports Daily Sabah.

The paper says domestic flights will be grounded until June 4 and international flights until June 10.

Meanwhile, the Times of Malta says cabin crew will return to the negotiating table with Air Malta following the intervention of Economy Minister Silvio Schembri who presided over a mediatory meeting on Wednesday.

That paper cites sources as saying the minister intervened after the Union of Cabin Crew last week called off negotiations with the airline after it claimed the company had a change of heart on re-employing 145 fixed-term casual employees as cabin crew.