Ukraine to push on with infrastructure works, says president

Ukraine will continue to implement large infrastructure programs, despite its economic problems and the COVID-19 pandemic, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said.

“We increased the number of roads that we will build this year nine times. Despite the problems, the economic crisis, and COVID-19, we will build roads. About 4,500 kilometers,” Zelensky said during a news conference.

Ukrainian authorities are seeking 3 billion U.S. dollars to upgrade the country’s bridges and build new ones, the president added.

Calling for businesses to invest in Ukraine, Zelensky stressed that the task of authorities is to build roads that will unite the country.

Last year, the country’s ministry of infrastructure announced plans to renovate 4,000 km of roads in 2020, after the government increased its road renovation budget by 40 percent.