Germany reports 460 new coronavirus cases, 27 new deaths

Germany reported 460 new cases of coronavirus infection in the past 24-hour period, raising the country’s tally to 177,212, according to Friday’s figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the government agency for disease control and prevention.

Over the course of last week, an average of 734 new cases per day had been reported by the RKI.

According to the RKI, Germany’s death toll from the new coronavirus increased by 27 to 8,174 on Friday, resulting in a case fatality rate of 4.6 percent.

The estimated number of people in Germany who had already recovered from COVID-19 increased by around 1,000 within one day to 159,000 on Friday, the RKI noted. The number of active COVID-19 cases in Germany thus dropped to around 18,100.

The 4-day average reproduction rate of COVID-19 in Germany increased slightly to 0.89, according to a daily situation report by the RKI for Thursday.