Mory Kanté famed for the superhit Yéké Yéké has died

SINGING star Mory Kanté famed for the superhit Yéké Yéké, has died in Guinea, according to reports from the country.

The star passed away in hospital in the capital, Conakry, aged 70.

His death was the result of untreated health problems.

In 1987, he released the song “Yé ké yé ké”, which was one of Africa’s best-ever selling hits as well as being a European number-one in 1988, making it the first ever African single to sell over one million copies.

Kanté received unexpected fame again in 1994 when the German techno duo Hardfloor created a dance remix of “Yéké Yéké.” He also appeared in 2006 as vocalist on British DJ Darren Tate’s release, “Narama”.

Famagusta Gazette’s music critic John Davies says ‘he not only had an extraordinary voice, he was a great presence on stage.’