Berlin police conduct almost 400 operations against criminal clans in 2019

Police forces in German capital Berlin conducted almost 400 operations targeting clan crimes in 2019, the city’s senate announced on Monday.

“2019 was the year in which we significantly increased the pressure,” said Andreas Geisel, Berlin’s senator of the interior.

However, clan crime had developed a parallel world with its “own code and the rejection of existing law,” said Geisel and stressed that this would no longer be tolerated.

According to the senate, authorities searched more than 700 establishments in Berlin in 2019, including more than 300 cafes and bars, almost 200 hookah bars, as well as betting offices, gambling houses, barber shops and jewelers.

Berlin’s investigators seized almost 35,000 euros (38,200 U.S. dollars) in cash that was used for drug transactions, nearly 1,000 sales units of narcotics, over 30,000 untaxed cigarettes, 123 cars and 104 weapons and other items that could be used as a weapon.

“For a sustainable weakening of criminal structures, the confiscation of illegal assets is of immense importance,” according to the senate. In 2018, German authorities had confiscated 77 properties of criminal members of an Arab family with a total value of 9.3 million euros.

Geisel stressed that “the fight against clan crime will continue to be of great importance in 2020.”

“The rules of the rule of law apply to everyone without exception. This has not changed even in 2020 in times of the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.