Greece’s COVID-19 cases rise to 2,952, refugee camp in curfew

Greece’s Health Ministry announced on Thursday 15 new confirmed COVID-19 cases within the past 48 hours, bringing national total of confirmed cases to 2,952.

During the period, one new death was also reported. Currently, nine patients were treated in intensive care units, according to a statement issued by the National Public Health Organization (EODY).

A 14-day curfew was imposed in a refugee camp in Nea Kavala, in the northern region of Kilkis, after a pregnant asylum seeker tested positive for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Authorities decided to close six schools in the area where refugee children attend classes, while EODY medical teams tested refugees in the camp.

Greece launched also on Thursday a large-scale testing program on residents of Xanthi, also in northern Greece, after four people were diagnosed positive. Under a three-day plan, health authorities started conducting molecular tests in order to eliminate the new infections.

Greece was in full lockdown from March 23 until May 4. In the past few weeks, the country is gradually lifting more and more restrictions. Students have returned to schools and most businesses have restarted.

In the next step starting June 6, indoor dining areas at restaurants, fast-food outlets and other eateries will be allowed to operate, as well as open-air nightclubs, internet cafes and refreshment bars.

Moreover, on June 15, Greece’s seasonal hotels, gyms, museums and thermal springs will be back in operation, while the country is also opening up to tourists, the government said.

As of mid-June, 29 countries, including China, can send to the airports of Athens and Thessaloniki tourists who will be subject to sample testing for COVID-19, Greek authorities have announced.