Landmines kill 7 in Libya’s capital: official

– Seven people were killed and several others were injured on Wednesday by landmines in the south of the Libyan capital Tripoli, according to a local official.

“Seven people were killed, including civilians in Salah al-Din, Ain Zara, Sidra and Al-Khula (southern Tripoli) by landmine explosions in separate locations. And 10 people were injured, some of whom were in severe condition,” Amin Hashemi, information advisor of the Ministry of Health, told Xinhua.

Hashemi pointed out that there is a large amount of landmines and explosive remnants of war in southern Tripoli, calling on civilians who were displaced from the area not to return home before all landmines are cleared.

The UN-backed government’s forces accused the eastern-based army of planting the landmines in civilians’ homes before withdrawal from the area, to which the eastern-based army has not responded yet.

Tripoli had witnessed a deadly armed conflict between the UN-backed government and the eastern-based for more than a year, before the UN-backed government announced taking over all of western Libya after the withdrawal of the eastern-based army.

The UN Support Mission in Libya recently condemned use of improvised explosive devises against civilians in southern Tripoli, calling on all individuals to stay away from the areas that have not been declared safe to enter.