Lebanon seeks calm to attract tourists this summer

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab has urged Lebanese citizens to maintain calm and security in order to attract tourists back to the country.

This will help compensate for the losses incurred by nationwide protests and the COVID-19 outbreak, the National News Agency quoted Diab as saying during a cabinet meeting.

“The government must be ready to restore the regular life cycle in the country. Lebanon needs safety and stability to take advantage of the reopening of the airport on July 1 by sending a positive signal to tourists,” Diab said.

Beirut’s airport is expected to reopen on July 1 in hope to attract tourists and make up for the losses due to months of instability in the country caused by nationwide protests and the COVID-19 outbreak.

Most hotels and restaurants were shut down in the past months, in a heavy blow to the Lebanese tourism sector which used to generate around 8 billion U.S. dollars yearly.