U.S. image worsens in Europe amid pandemic, poll says

A pan-European poll has found that the majority of respondents hold an “increasingly” negative view of the United States amid the coronavirus outbreak, U.S. media CNBC reported on Monday.

The survey, commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations, a pan-European think tank, interviewed 11,000 people from nine European countries from the last week of April this year to early May, reported CNBC.

Around two-thirds of respondents in Denmark, Portugal, France, Germany and Spain said the U.S. image has been damaged in their mind, while only 2 percent of people surveyed said the United States was “helpful” in the battle against the novel coronavirus, the poll showed.

Around 46 percent of the French people surveyed said their view of the United States has worsened “a lot,” while 42 percent of the German respondents said the U.S. reputation has been deteriorated “a lot” during the coronavirus outbreak, the poll said.