Social Democratic Party remains by far most popular Finnish party: poll

The Finnish Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Prime Minister Sanna Marin remains by far the most popular party, showed the latest poll by national broadcaster Yle Thursday.

The backing of the SDP declined 1.3 percentage points from the last poll to 21.9 percent, however.

Inside the government coalition, the lead of the SDP over its main coalition partners remains wide. The Center Party has risen from 10.7 percent to 11.4 percent, while the Green League declined from 11.9 percent to 10.9 percent.

The leading opposition party, the Finns Party, maintained 18.1 percent followed by the Conservative National Coalition with a slight increase to 17.9 percent.

Commenting on the poll, Markku Jokisipila, Director of the Center for Parliamentary Studies at Turku University, said on Yle that after the COVID-19 impact, the cabinet must be able to overhaul the government program, and both the Greens and the Center have a need to raise their profile in the wake of the poll results.

The poll, carried out for Yle by Taloustutkimus, a Finnish market research company throughout June, covers 2,450 respondents.