U.S. forces bring reinforcement into Syria

The U.S. forces brought in reinforcement from the neighboring Iraq into areas in northeastern Syria, state news agency SANA reported on Thursday.

The U.S. forces brought in the reinforcement through an “illegal crossing” between Iraq and Syria, said SANA, adding that 30 military vehicles entered the Syrian territories.

The military convoy headed to the city of Hasakah in order to reinforce the U.S. forces in that part of the country, according to the report.

SANA reported that the U.S. forces sent 30 tankers of fuel to Iraq escorted by U.S. military vehicles.

Syria accused the U.S. of stealing the fuel from Syrian fields, said SANA, adding that the U.S. moves run against the international laws and norms.

The U.S. and its allies of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces control areas in northeastern Syria.

A day earlier, SANA said the U.S. forces set up a new air base in the Yarobiyeh area in the countryside of Hasakah and the U.S. forces were bringing in reinforcement to the base.

The Syrian government has for long demanded the withdrawal of the U.S. forces from Syria, saying that their presence on Syrian soil is illegal.