Zambia starts reviewing development plan

The Zambian government on Wednesday started the processing of reviewing its development plan to establish if the goals have been met.

The review of the 7th National Development Plan (7NDP) was also meant to review its performance as of mid-term.

Christopher Mvunga, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet, said the review of the five-year plan was cardinal in assessing the extent to which implementation of planned projects and programs have contributed to the attainment of desired development results in the National Vision 2030.

“Since the 7NDP has a five-year implementation period from 2017-2021, it was planned that midway through its implementation; a mid-term review would be undertaken. The 7NDP monitoring and evaluation framework stipulates that plan implementation and analysis of both process and impact of the plan,” he said during a validation meeting which was also attended by cooperating partners.

According to him, the review will also help in generating evidence to inform the implementation during the remaining period of the plan and also guide the strategic focus and implementation of future development plans.

The government, he said, was gratified by the strong partnership that exists with cooperating partners in the national development planning coordination mechanism which was based on the principle of participatory and integrated development.

The lessons learnt from the review will inform government and stakeholders on what has worked well, the shortcomings encountered and what needs to be done to improve the implementation in the remaining period, he added.

The government, he said, was confident that the findings of the review will give even more impetus to push implementation and help the country optimize the possibility of achieving set targets in the development plan.