Hungary’s parliament adopts 2021 budget

Hungary’s parliament adopted the country’s 2021 budget here on Friday with 133 votes in favor, 61 against and no abstentions.

“Next year’s budget is the budget of economic protection which, while maintaining the epidemiological preparedness, includes the necessary resources to support families raising children, to help the elderly, to safeguard the existing jobs and to create new ones,” Minister of Finance Mihaly Varga said before the vote.

A key pillar of the budget is the Economy Protection Fund, which provides the necessary resources for the continuation of programs related to the protection and restart of the economy, such as developments, investments and measures related to the promotion of employment in the amount of more than 2,600 billion forints (8.3 billion U.S. dollars), Varga said.

The new budget targets a 4.8 percent economic growth with a moderate 3 percent inflation rate, according to the minister. (1 U.S. dollar = 314.30 Hungarian forints)