At least 72 doctors die of COVID-19 in Indonesia

More than 72 doctors in Indonesia have died of the COVID-19, local media quoted the Indonesian Medical Association as reporting on Sunday.

“According to the information received by the association, at least 72 doctors have died of the COVID-19 or been COVID-19 patients under surveillance,” the association’s spokesman Halik Malik said on Saturday.

The association reminded that the virus outbreak remained highly threatening and uncontrollable in the country.

“The government should put priority on restoring the public health,” the spokesman said, adding that testing, tracing, isolating and treatment should also be maximized.

The transmission of the COVID-19 remains afloat as of late in Indonesia with daily confirmed cases reaching over 1,500.

On Sunday, the Health Ministry reported 1,519 additional confirmed cases, bringing the total to 111,455, with 5,236 people dead and 68,975 others recovering.