Lebanon appoints new foreign minister

Lebanon has been witnessing nationwide protests since Oct. 17 which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri's government while President Michel Aoun has so far failed to hold parliamentary consultations for naming a new prime minister tasked with the formation of a cabinet capable of dealing with the current financial crisis.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun issued on Monday decrees appointing Aoun’s advisor for foreign affairs Charbel Wehbi as foreign minister while accepting the resignation of Nassif Hitti from the position, the National News Agency reported.

Wehbi is a diplomat and a former ambassador who held the position of Director of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hitti had submitted his resignation earlier in the day to Prime Minister Hassan Diab, who accepted it and began his consultations to appoint a successor.

Hitti issued a statement explaining that “the lack of a clear vision for the future of Lebanon as an independent and free country, and a country shining in the Arab region and worldwide” stands behind his resignation.