Lebanon’s FM resigns amid absence of real structural reforms

Lebanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Nassif Hitti submitted on Monday his resignation to Prime Minister Hassan Diab, a statement by the Foreign Ministry reported.

Hitti issued a statement saying that “the lack of a clear vision for the future of Lebanon stands behind his resignation.”

“There is an absence in real willingness to implement structural reforms as requested by the international community,” he said.

Hitti explained that his decision was not easy, but he will not give up on his principles for the sake of any governmental position or authority.

Local media outlets reported earlier in the morning that Hitti visited Diab and submitted his resignation without making any statement from the Grand Serail.

Lebanon has been negotiating with the International Monetary Fund the possibility of accessing foreign funds to save the country from its economic collapse. But the current cabinet has so far failed to implement necessary structural reforms to be able to unlock needed funds.