Thailand ferry sinks: three dead

Three people were reportedly killed and two others missing after a ferry boat capsized near Koh Samui island in southern Thailand, a provincial governor said on Sunday.

Divers found the bodies of the three people who apparently drowned in the sea and rescued two survivors near Koh Samui island off Surat Thani province after the Raja 4 boat capsized due to high tides and heavy rains on Saturday night, said provincial governor Vichavut Jinto.

One of the deceased victims was identified as the skipper of the ferry boat, according to the provincial governor.

Search and rescue mission, which was started on Saturday night, has resumed on Sunday morning for the two missing people.

Nine other people, who managed to survive from the overturned vessel, were rescued safely to shore by the marine police and navy on Saturday night.

The boat was leaving Koh Samui for shore, carrying 12 crew members, four truck drivers, three 10-wheel trailer trucks and a pickup truck on board, when the mishap occurred in the stormy sea.