Why Villa Living is Better Than a Hotel

We go on a vacation for various reasons. Some of us travel to sit under the glorious sunshine and just relax, especially if it is a Mediterranean island or Southeast Asian beach resort.

Others will want to experience everything, explore the cities they have not seen before, see all its attractions and landmarks. Then there are those who are activity seekers – they will visit to learn and experience diving and snorkeling, for skiing, hiking, or fishing. You will even find people who will go overseas because they want to learn how to cook exotic dishes.

No matter what the reason, many of us don’t realize the one good benefit of traveling. It has a huge positive impact on health. Taking a break from your everyday routine has a positive effect on health. It gives us a break. It helps us relax and de-stress. It broadens our horizon. It makes us feel good about ourselves.

Holidaying During the Covid Pandemic

The covid pandemic has been bad news for everyone. There are travel restrictions in most places. Only a few countries are open now. The European Union recently came out with a list of 15 ‘safe’ destinations, countries that are relatively safe to visit. These countries include Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, Montenegro, Canada, China, Japan, Serbia, Thailand, South Korea, Uruguay, Rwanda, Georgia, and Tunisia.

Contrary to what many believe, it can actually be a good idea to travel in this time, provided you take adequate safety precautions.


  • The flight tickets and accommodation is cheaper.
  • The restaurants and car bookings are cheaper too.
  • Fewer people means no queuing at the airport and restaurants.
  • Everywhere it is more serene as there are so few people now.
  • Everything is cleaner because of the lockdown.
  • Lush greenery, nature at its best as there is less traffic.
  • You will get full attention and the best service.


A couple of decades back, most would walk into the office of a travel agent to make their bookings. But these days, accommodation, flights, airport transfers… everything is booked online. The internet has replaced the brick-and-mortar travel agents.

There is another trend that is emerging fast – villa vacations. Most people earlier would have stayed in a hotel or apartment. But now, many vacationers are opting for a villa instead. There are various reasons for this. A villa vacation makes even more sense in these times when the covid scare is still very much there.

A Villa Will Be the Safer Option

Hotels and hostels are cramped. True, there will be fewer tourists now, but still, there will be others, both families and individual tourists, who will be packed up in small spaces. They will use all the common areas and the amenities like the lounge, swimming pool, restaurants, and the corridors.

A luxury villa, on the other hand, will be completely private. It will be just for you and your group throughout the entire duration of your stay. You don’t have to share anything with anybody you don’t know. Luxury villas are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized once a group leaves and before you check in. This makes the private villas much safer than the conventional hotels, apartments, and hostels.

Luckily, there are many wonderful private Cyprus villas on rent in this beautiful Mediterranean country. Many of them are some of the best properties you will find in Europe as well. Cyprus villas are located in Paphos, Protaras in the southeast, close to some of the finest sunny beaches and the island’s hilly and forested interior. You will find them everywhere. They are close to major tourist attractions. Many are located in idyllic places, away from the touristy areas and offer complete privacy. Staying away from the crowd is a good idea in these times.

Top Reasons Why Many Vacations Now Prefer Villas


  • Feels like home – It is just like your home, away from home. In a hotel, you get just the bedroom, unless you are willing to spend seriously more money. The villa has a bedroom, living area, kitchen, patio, terrace, and an outdoor area with a garden. It seems just like your home.
  • Complete privacy – No immediate neighbors to disturb you. In a hotel, you may struggle to sleep because the next room occupants make too much noise. In a villa, you don’t have to worry about sharing the swimming pool or the gym with people you don’t know. There is no one to bother you. You will even have your own private swimming pool and barbecue.
  • Bigger spaces – Hotel rooms are typically cramped. In fact, in some costly places, there is so little space that you have to push the luggage under the bed. Typically, most hotel rooms have beds for 2 people, which means if you are traveling with kids, you have to book a second room, or someone must sleep on the couch. Villa rooms are significantly larger in size. Plus, you will always get a second bedroom at no additional cost.
  • Perfect for reunions–Villas are perfect for a family reunion or a group of friends meeting after a while. There will be a lot of space for socializing. You can all sit together or in small groups in cozy corners. Many villas can sleep up to 16 guests. they have fully stocked kitchens, living and dining spaces.
  • Child-friendly – Adults are happy when the kids are happy. Many luxury villas are walled properties with security. There is a private swimming pool where they can splash around. Many of them even have games that will keep them occupied while the adults can relax, knowing that the kids will be safe.
  • Villas are cheaper than hotels – Most people believe that renting a luxury villa will cost a lot of money. But they are actually cheaper, especially if you are a large group. Divide the entire cost between all guests and you will see that the cost comes around the same as a star-category property, or less.

Consider going on a vacation. It is best to choose a safe country and it will be wise to stay in a villa to be safe.