Iran says gas exports to Iraq to continue despite U.S. deal

Iran’s Ministry of Petroleum said that its energy supplies to Iraq will not be affected by recent contracts between Washington and Baghdad, semi-official Fars news agency reported on Friday.

Iran continues its investments in infrastructure projects in western regions of the country bordering Iraq and its natural gas supplies to Iraq are even expected to grow in the coming years, a statement by the ministry was cited as saying.

Iran’s gas exports to Iraq have increased notably over the past three years to reach 50 million cubic meters per day despite U.S. repeated efforts to dissuade the Iraqis from importing from Iran, the statement said.

However, Iran respects Iraq’s right to decrease its reliance on foreign suppliers as it plans to develop its own energy sector, it added.

A total of five U.S. firms signed agreements with the Iraqi government during Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s recent visit to Washington aimed at boosting Iraq’s energy independence. E