Water supply resumes in Syria’s Hasakah after weeks of outage

Water pumping resumed  in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah, where 1 million people have suffered the lack of water over the past two weeks, state news agency SANA reported.

On Thursday evening, water pumping restarted in Hasakah, where Turkey had cut off the water at the Alouk water station in the northern countryside of Hasakah over two weeks ago.

Restarting the water station came after “government efforts and international pressure” on Turkey, said SANA.

It said 17 out of 30 wells returned to work as well as four pumps, adding that work was underway to run all remaining wells at full capacity.

In the past two days, workers have reached the water station to repair the damaged parts of the station.

Turkey gas cut off water supply in Alouk several times over the past few months. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights previously said that the Turkish move aimed to increase pressure on the Kurdish militia which controls much of Hasakah.