1972: Vulcan leaves Cyprus for Tirpitz anniversary

1972: A VULCAN bomber of number 9 Squadron at RAF Akrotiri left its base in Cyprus for a commemorative flight marking the 30th anniversary of the RAF pathfinder force and the sinking of the battleship Tirpitz.

The squadron was a member of the pathfinder force during the war.

After leaving Cyprus, the plane touched down in Waddington then went onto Lossiemouth before heading north, following the route taken in 1944 when the Tirpitz was located.

When it returned to Cyprus, the Vulcan carried 20,000 first day covers issued for the anniversary.

The squadron in Cyprus has a permanent reminder of the wartime operation. A bulkhead from the Tirpitz has been on display in the crew-room at Akrotiri since the early 70s.