Newly-appointed Lebanese PM vows reconstruction efforts in Beirut

Newly-appointed Lebanese Prime Minister Mustapha Adib vowed on Monday to form a new government quickly and start with the reconstruction efforts in Beirut following the Aug. 4 explosions that destroyed thousands of buildings in the city, Elnashra news website reported.

“What I have seen today is a motivation for me to form a government fast and start with reconstruction efforts to reduce people’s pain and suffering,” Adib said during his visit to Beirut’s port to check the damage caused by the blasts.

Adib also said that the upcoming government will be formed by independent specialists capable of implementing the necessary economic and financial reforms.

“This will encourage Lebanon’s friends to stand by its side,” he said.

Lebanon named on Monday Lebanese Ambassador to Germany Mustapha Adib as the premier, 21 days after the resignation of former prime minister Hassan Diab.