Israel imposes night closure on 40 cities, towns with high COVID-19 morbidity

An Israeli special ministerial committee has decided to impose a night closure on 40 cities and towns with high COVID-19 morbidity starting Monday, according to a Sunday government statement.

The night closure will run from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. local time, said the joint statement issued by Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Health.

During these hours, it will be only allowed to move within 500 meters from home, and only essential businesses allowed to open.

In these cities and towns, gatherings of more than 10 people indoors and 20 outdoors will be banned, and schools and kindergartens closed.

The 40 cities and towns were announced “red” as part of a government “traffic light” program, which has classified all cities and towns in Israel into four colors of red, orange, yellow and green according to morbidity level.