Serbia suspends all joint military exercises in next six months

Serbia has decided to suspend military exercises and activities with all partners, Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Wednesday after a government session, citing “great and undeserved pressure from the European Union (EU).”

In a government press release, Vulin reminded that Serbia is a military neutral country, but admitted that it was asked to abandon the planned military exercises with Belarus.

According to him, at the stake was Serbia’s European future and the prospects of Serbs living in the region.

“In order to preserve the position of military neutrality, avoid or at least reduce the consequences of intensified attacks on our country, politics and economy, the government has decided to stop all military exercises and all activities with all partners in the next six months,” Vulin explained.

Vulin said that Serbia’s participation in peacekeeping operations will be reconsidered, and possibly suspended too.

According to the minister, the process of equipping and strengthening the Serbian army will not be stopped. “This is the only way to preserve military neutrality, and this painful decision obliges us to rely only on ourselves and only on our own strength,” Vulin concluded.

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense said on its website on Tuesday that the joint Belarus-Serbian-Russian tactical exercise “Slavic Brotherhood-2020” will be held in the latter half of September 2020.