Beirut port’s massive fire causes loss of 15 mln USD: report

The value of losses caused by the massive fire that erupted at Beirut Port’s duty free warehouse a day earlier reached 15 million U.S. dollars, LBCI local TV channel reported on Friday.

Food products, oil, tires, beauty products, clothes, shoes, home appliances and electric equipment were destroyed by the fire, it said.

Spokesperson of the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) Rona Halabi noted that a big part of the products that will be distributed to poor families in Lebanon and Syria were destroyed by the huge fire.

Beirut’s port is a vital facility used by the LRC to store products.

“We are working extensively to re-import products for needy families by using port of Tripoli or Beirut’s airport as an alternative,” Halabi said.

The fire erupted at the port of Beirut on Thursday, the second huge fire at the port after the previous one caused two huge explosions on Aug. 4, destroying a big part of the city while killing around 190 people and wounding at least 6,000 others.

The cause of the fire is unclear and investigations are still ongoing.