CABS lament Warbler hunting in Cyprus

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter, known as CABS, says despite the steady decrease over the last 10 years of limesticks being used to snare songbirds, more and more former bird trappers with full regular hunting licences are now going out to hunt birds, shooting the strictly protected species they used to catch.

According to a post of Facebook, the main focus of poachers is on blackcaps which are considered a much sought-after delicacy known as ‘Ambelopoulia’.

“The CABS teams which have been deployed on the Mediterranean island since the beginning of September, observe hunters on a daily basis as they use illegal electronic decoys with loud warbler songs to lure and shoot migratory birds,”the post said.

“Although this hunting is openly visible to everyone, the authorities are hardly prepared to intervene. Despite this, together with wardens from the Game and Fauna Service, we have now been able to convict 18 hunters for hunting warblers – in addition to 5 bird trappers who had used traps. 1,098 limesticks and 12 nets have been seized so far.”