Thousands of Lebanese protest against government policies

Thousands of Lebanese flocked on Saturday to capital Beirut’s streets to protest against the current ruling class, al-Jadeed local TV channel reported.

Protesters held Lebanese national flags and chanted slogans against the ruling political class which, according to the demonstrators, adopted policies that led to the economic collapse and an alarming public debt of over 90 billion U.S. dollars.

People demanded the overhaul of the country’s entire political system and the formation of an independent government capable of implementing structural reforms to save the country from further deterioration.

Lebanon is going through its worst economic and financial crisis in its history.

Moreover, COVID-19 outbreak exacerbated the economic situation, driving thousands of companies out of business while leaving thousands of people unemployed.

Figures released by the World Bank showed that over 50 percent of the Lebanese people have become “poor” noting that most of the citizens are paid with the Lebanese pound which has weakened by 80 percent at least.