Lebanese entrepreneurs say business activities with China barely impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has barely impacted their business activities with China, several Lebanese entrepreneurs have said.

“Our trade activities with China are not much impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Kassem Tofeili, owner of Lebanon-based company Silk Road Commerce and Consulting.

The Chinese market’s demand for Lebanese products, such as wine, chocolate and olive oil, has maintained momentum, said Tofeili.

Lebanese companies have resumed their imports of raw materials from China as COVID-19 is no longer an obstacle, Tofeili added.

Mazen Hodeib, who owns a factory producing uniforms in China, said that his business has not been impacted by the coronavirus, but seen growth in the past few months because of the rising demand for medical uniforms.

Following the closure of thousands of factories across Europe, many countries have been importing products from China, Hodeib said.

Meanwhile, Elie Fattoush, owner of a factory that produces monitoring cameras in China, said that his business has been booming over the past months.

The unstable economic situation triggered by the pandemic in some parts of the world has prompted business owners to install security cameras to protect their shops, Fattoush explained.

He said another reason for the increasing sales of his company’s products is that importers have almost run out of their inventories during the pandemic and they need to store more for the coming period.