Lebanon’s Tripoli port fills gap caused by explosions in Port of Beirut: official

Lebanon’s Tripoli Port director Ahmed Tamer said that the Port of Tripoli has been working in coordination with Beirut’s port to fill the gap caused by the two huge explosions that rocked the facility in the capital city on Aug. 4.

“Tripoli’s port is storing products, mainly grains, which arrive in the country since storage areas in Beirut’s port were destroyed by the explosions,” Tamer told Xinhua in an interview.

Beirut’s port was rocked by two huge explosions earlier this year which destroyed a big part of the city while killing at least 190 people and wounding around 6,000 others.

The explosions happened next to a grain silo in Beirut’s port, most of which was wrecked.

However, Tamer noted that the containers’ station at Beirut’s port was not impacted by the explosions so the port is still receiving containers and products placed in the containers are later given to their importers in Lebanon.