Gibraltar rolls out electric post vans

The Government in Gibraltar has announced the replacement of all Royal Gibraltar Post Office vehicles to brand new electric vehicles in line with the Manifesto commitment for a Green Gibraltar.

This will make the Royal Gibraltar Post Office the first public Postal Service in the world to have a fully electric fleet of delivery vehicles.

According to a press release, the Government will pay £5,167 a month for seven years for these thirteen vehicles (coming to approximately £397 per vehicle) and will then either buy the vehicles at a much lower price or have them replaced by brand new vehicles, more advanced vehicles, paying the same amount monthly.

The all-electric postal vans are being rolled out as from this week and will deliver mail across all areas of Gibraltar.

The electric vehicles will allow the Postal Service to deliver letters and parcels safely and efficiently in the most environmentally friendly way possible and help preserve the beauty of Gibraltar, both in terms of carbon emission and noise.

“I am pleased that we will be launching the first fleet of fully electric vehicles in Gibraltar and that the Royal Gibraltar Post Office will be the first public Postal Service in the world to have a fully electric fleet,”  Minister for Postal Services and Transport, Vijay Daryanani MP, said in a statement.

“These new electric vehicles will allow us to have our mail delivered pollution free. It will also help us reduce the emissions on a daily basis compared to normal petrol vehicles. I am excited to see these environmentally friendly vans on our roads in line with our commitment to provide a cleaner and greener Gibraltar”.