Panama media campaign raises over 2.5 mln USD for children with disabilities

Panama’s 2020 Telethon, an annual media campaign that raises funds to support projects that benefit children with disabilities, ended on Sunday morning and raised over 2.5 million dollars this year.

The president of the Telethon Club 20-30 executive committee, Roberto Saavedra, said that the support achieved was important and stressed the effort and sacrifice involved this year, as the event took place in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The media broadcast the activity without interruption for 27 hours and the event included the participation of national and international artists.

Saavedra stated that this support is vital for many families in these difficult times and indicated that work on another project that seeks the inclusion of people with disabilities in Panamanian society is still underway.

According to experts, the pandemic has increased the many issues facing children in Panama and new efforts are necessary to address their needs.