8 more Lebanese detained in UAE return home after mediation

Eight more Lebanese nationals arrived in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday after their release by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the National News Agency reported.

Their return followed that of the first Lebanese detainee released by UAE authorities, who arrived in Beirut on Sunday, thanks to the mediation by Director of Lebanese Public Security Abbas Ibrahim, the report said.

Ibrahim said in a statement to the Al-Hurra TV that he had been in contact with UAE officials for about two years to resolve the issue of the Lebanese detained in the UAE.

He also stated that the number of Lebanese detained in the UAE has reached 30, about half of whom will return to Lebanon.

The UAE judiciary had ruled against the Lebanese, accusing them of having links and activities related to the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

In March 2019, the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries designated Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization,” in a move that was denounced by the Hezbollah as “a reckless and aggressive decision.”