Palestinian factions agree to form unity gov’t after elections

The Palestinian factions agreed to form a unity coalition government after holding the general elections in the Palestinian territories, according to a senior official of the ruling Fatah party on Saturday.

Jibril Rajoub, secretary-general of the Fatah Central Committee, told reporters that the unity government will include representatives from all the Palestinian factions.

In the intra-Palestinian national dialogue that ended in Egypt’s capital Cairo on Tuesday evening, leaders of 14 factions, including the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas-led Fatah party, agreed to hold the elections.

In a decree issued in mid-January, the president announced that the 2021 general election will include legislative elections on May 22, presidential elections on July 31, and the Palestinian National Council elections on Aug. 31.

“The agreement stipulates the legislative elections will culminate in the formation of a national coalition government that will implement the agreed mechanisms to end the internal division,” Rajoub said.

He said the unity government will work on the path of unity of all the state institutions and agencies.

“It will draw up a unified policy that is based on justice and equality in all Palestinian districts,” he added.

The last Palestinian presidential elections were held in March 2005 and the legislative elections in January 2006.

The internal Palestinian division between Hamas and Fatah began in 2007 when Hamas forcibly took over the Gaza Strip from Fatah.