Iran’s FM urges European signatories to uphold commitments of nuke deal

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday urged Britain, France and Germany to adhere to their commitments regarding Iran’s interests under the 2015 nuclear deal, commonly known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

“Instead of sophistry & putting onus on Iran, E3/EU must abide by own commitments & demand an end to Trump’s legacy of #EconomicTerrorism against Iran,” Zarif tweeted, referring to Britain, France and Germany, the three European countries (E3) which signed the Iranian nuclear deal.

Zarif’s remarks followed a Thursday statement by the foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany and the United States, wherein they expressed their “shared fundamental security interest in upholding the nuclear non-proliferation regime” for Iran.

They also “expressed their shared concerns over Iran’s recent actions to produce both uranium enriched up to 20 percent and uranium metal.”

“Our remedial measures are a response to US/E3 violations,” said Zarif, adding that “Remove the cause if you fear the effect.”

In response to the U.S. withdrawal from the JCPOA in 2018 and re-imposition of sanctions, Iran has suspended implementing parts of its obligations under the deal.

Iran has been critical of the E3′ inaction over the unilateral U.S. pullout from the nuclear deal and re-imposing sanctions on Iran by the previous U.S. administration under President Donald Trump.