Mass flamingo deaths at Turkish lake prompt outcry for urgent actions

Hundreds of newly hatched baby and adult flamingos were found levitra online uk dead on a dried part of Lake Tuz in central Turkey, which has caused public outcry with environmental activists calling for urgent actions.

The lake, located some 150 km south of the capital Ankara, spans 1,665 square km order viagra without prescription and is one of the largest hyper-saline lakes in the world.

It is ornithologically important as it is located on the migratory route of flamingos and other birds, some endangered, which use the lake as a massive breeding and hatching ground.

Lake Tuz is an ideal habitat for flamingos, where 5,000 to 10,000 flamingo babies hatch every year, according to Melih Ozbek, an Ankara-based photographer and birdwatcher, and the wildlife photographer Fahri Tunc.

But the buying viagra with no prescription waters of the lake have been receding recently in some parts, making it impossible for flamingos to find food, thus causing mass deaths, Ozbek noted.

As the water channels flowing to the lake were embanked by villagers this year, the flamingos’ water and feeding areas have shrunk and most chicks have died, which is a “tragedy,” said Tunc.

The tragedy, which occurred last week, was the result of a combination of aggressive irrigation for agricultural fields and drought, added the wildlife photographer.

“There are water canals feeding the lake, but villagers block them to divert water to their fields because they also need water to farm. But as the lake already has a low level of water, blocking the canals only accelerates its death,” he explained.

“Each year the number of flamingos hatching here is declining and deaths are bound to happen next year if no action is taken,” Tunc warned, calling on all citizens and state institutions to protect the elegant birds.

According to the data of the Ministry of Environment and buy viagra pills Urbanization, 20,381 flamingos hatched in 2019 at Lake Tuz, one of the most important places of incubation for flamingos across the world.

For two consecutive years, drought has become a headache in Turkey. Nearly half of the country’s 81 provinces have been seriously affected by decreasing precipitation since last year, according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute.

Lat year was the third hottest in decades for the country and was also unprecedented in terms of weather-related disasters.

Speaking at an event held in Istanbul on Friday, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli said necessary investigations were made on the mass flamingos’ deaths.

The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works has also announced that legal action will be taken purchase no rx cialis against the farmers who irrigate their fields by building barriers in the water channels.