Egypt’s Nile cleanup initiative raises environmental awareness, creates jobs

VeryNile, an Egyptian initiative created herbal alternative to cialis in 2018, has been devoted to removing garbages from the Nile River, while raising environmental awareness and creating jobs.

“The Nile is a symbol of Egyptian heritage and the lifeline of Egypt. However, according to the World Economic Forum, it is also one of the 10 rivers that carry 90 percent of the plastics that end up in the ocean,” Moustafa Habib, one of the initiative’s leaders, told Xinhua.

VeryNile brings together multi-sectoral volunteers and partners on developing sustainable means to clean up the Nile, recycling solid waste collected from the river, and taking measures to decrease the use of single-use plastics.

By raising awareness about the importance of reducing plastic consumption and empowering local communities, the initiative is going to expand its impact to a global level, Habib said, adding the initiative name brand cialis has so far attracted thousands of volunteers in Cairo, Luxor, Minya, Qanater and other provinces in Egypt.

On the Qursaya Nile Island near Cairo, the initiative launched a project named Reviving Cairo Fishermen, which has encouraged islanders to adopt new solid waste management solutions to replace their original way of discarding solid waste in the Nile.

“Reviving Cairo Fishermen has both social and environmental impacts. In addition to financially compensating fishermen for the garbages they collect, the project is also creating job opportunities on the island,” Habib said.

“So far, we have employed eight women and 10 men on the island to collect, sort, compact, and creat products out of collected recyclables every day,” he said.

Mohammed Ahmed, a 58-year-old fisherman, is one online order cialis of the islanders who earns more money thanks to the project. He started to sell the plastic waste collected from the Nile to the initiative in 2020.

“We catch less fish nowadays, which means we earn less. But the initiative has helped us make cash,” the father of five said as he packed empty plastic bottles into a huge bag.

Every early morning, Ahmed casts his net to catch fish, before starting to sail along the Nile to collect the plastic waste.

“The Nile means a lot order cialis on line to me. It has always been the source of life for all Egyptians, that is why I want to keep it always clean,” Ahmed said, flashing a proud smile.