Live music returns to Turkey’s Ankara amid vaccination drive

“It’s great to be back to concerts, for a long time there was no live shows or festivals, this is a welcomed change,” said Irem Beyza Sogut on a summer night before the first major open-air concert in Turkey’s capital city Ankara following the cialis use lifting of most restrictions.

In front of a joyous crowd of over 2,000 people, famous folk music performer Onur Akin was playing popular songs with his saz, a commonly used traditional Turkish stringed instrument, accompanied by an orchestra.

After 18 months which have seen almost every public event canceled because of COVID-19, the chance to get out and enjoy a touch of normality is one people were definitely embracing.

“It has been a difficult period for everyone since the emergence of the pandemic and this festival will bring some fun and excitement back to the capital,” Akin said at the beginning of the concert, the first in a series of live events organized by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

“It was difficult and even harder for young people such as myself because socializing was impossible for nearly two years, a return to normal is great, and I’m very happy,” Sogut, a 17-year-old high school student, told Xinhua.

These types of events were all but absent over the past year, as health measures prohibited many group activities.

Organizers had to work to ensure that the no prescription levitra canada concert can go ahead in a safe manner, with measures like mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing.

“It is so wonderful seeing everyone having fun and seeing smiles on people’s faces, singing, laughing and joking,” one organizer said.

In a remote part of the concert venue, Fatih Ilhan, a retired civil servant, his wife and daughter are comfortably sitting on folding chairs that they brought from home.

“We really missed concerts. During the past 18 months, we had to stay at home, but now we are getting rid of idleness and as we are fully vaccinated, we can at least attend such events,” he said with a smile on his face.

“Thanks to the vaccination campaign, Turkey can finally return to the old normal. We are very happy,” Ilhan added.

At another compare cialis prices area of the venue, Satilmis Erkan, a metal painting worker, has brought his three small children to the concert, and they were all neatly wearing masks.

“We are discovering our liberty again, it will be good especially for the children,” he remarked.

Turkey has lifted most coronavirus restrictions on July 1, but this was followed by a surge in fatalities and daily new cases.

“About three out of four people above the age of 18 have been administered at least one dose of vaccines,” Health Minister Fahrettin Koca tweeted.

The country has also provided third and fourth booster shots.

He regretted that some 15 million people did not get vaccinated order propecia online yet despite being eligible, warning that their hesitancy is hampering efforts to bring new cases down.

To break this trend, the government has decided to mandate as of Sept. 6, a negative PCR test for those who have not been vaccinated, or not recovered from the virus, to enter concerts, cinemas and theaters.

There will also be a negative PCR test requirement for intercity trips by planes, buses, trains or buy cialis online uk other public transportation vehicles.