Israel discovers 2,000-year-old quarry in northern Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists discovered a vast ancient quarry that dates back to about 2,000 years ago, the Israel Antiquities Authority said on Sunday.

It was unearthed in hi-tech industrial zone Har Hozvim, located in northern Jerusalem.

The unearthed quarry covers about 600 square meters, while researchers estimated only half or a third has been excavated.

Each of the massive building blocks extracted from it is about 2-meter-long and 1.5-meter-wide.

The researchers said that the site provides a clear demonstration of all the phases of quarrying and stone preparation, with building blocks in various stages of working being discovered.

Because of the region’s topography and the quality of the stone, ancient quarries were the main source of building blocks for the monumental projects in Jerusalem throughout several periods in history, they added.