Way to big city club is stony road for Hertha, says Prince Boateng

Hertha BSC needs to forget about his wavering past to develop into a robust big-city club of international class, midfielder Kevin Prince Boateng said.

“We should get bad memories out of our system and act with a broad chest,” the 34-year-old told Xinhua in an interview ahead of the Berlin derby against Union this Saturday evening.

The club has been blocked as “they were always scared of the past.”

The former Ghanaian international demanded to focus on the future while significant changes in the club have initiated an upswing after a poor season start.

The half-brother of former Bayern defender Jerome Boateng said Hertha’s players need to develop “full identification with the club. In the past, many signed contracts here because of the city. It’s a thrilling city, but it is about Hertha, the biggest club here.”

In that respect, things have changed as the club is developing a team entirely dedicated to the club. “To achieve success is about to stabilize the performance and be at a top-level every match-day,” the 34-year-old stated.

The club has formed a new team on its way to understanding Hertha’s DNA.

The Berlin-born midfielder rejoined his home club in 2021 after having played for several sides in England, Spain, Italy, and Turkey.

“I came to provide my experience and to create a positive atmosphere,” Boateng said. He feels like the “good boss” of the team as he intends players to explore new borders.

His experience makes him see many things, he claimed. Football is about a positive self-reflection and confidence. “I am here to guide the guys and work on players’ minds. I can help others to reach a level they didn’t believe, they can get to,” he added.

His heart has always been blue and white from the moment on he was born, the midfielder added.

Boateng said the hype around Saturday’s encounter is overheated as “I wouldn’t call it a big derby. It is special because it doesn’t happen often.”

Nevertheless, the Hertha performer is aware of the importance. “To win it is going to give us a big motivation boost.”

To develop into a big club is a stony and bumpy road in his perspective. His mission this weekend is to deliver a wake-up call that makes his team concentrated from the first minute.

He called it a dream to return to Berlin. This time he has slipped into a special role as “I am the most prominent name in the team. It’s perfect to get the most pressure for me, that’s what I am here for.”

Despite Union doing better so far this season, Boateng is fond of Hertha’s options. The local rival might have done well over the past two years, “but Hertha has been around for decades. I am not in my young ages anymore and know things don’t work out within two months.”